2016: Sixth Annual Phoenix Rising

The sixth annual Phoenix Rising Invitational will be held at Aspire Kids Sports Center on January  17th.

Address: 50 S Hearthstone Way Chandler, AZ


Admission – Per Session
$8.00 adults / $5.00 child

Sessions are as follows:

Session 1
Levels 3 ~ 5

General Warm-up: 8:00am
Awards 10:45am
March In 8:20am

Session 2
Levels 10 & Elite

General Warm-up: 11:00am
March In 11:30am
Awards 2:00pm

Session 3
Levels 6 & 7

General Warm-up: 2:15pm
March In 2:35pm
Awards 5:00pm

Session 4
Levels 8 & 9

General Warm-up: 5:15pm
March In 5:35pm
Awards 8:30pm

Fourth Annual Phoenix Rising Invitational

Phoenix Rising is a trampoline and tumbling invitational hosted by Air Sports. The fourth annual Phoenix Rising Invitational will be bigger and better than ever!   The meet will be held on MLK weekend 2014 at the Aspire Kids Sport Center.

Custom Medals for the Phoenix Rising Invitational